Journey through John DVD

Journey through John DVD

Discover the truth about Jesus.

Filmed in Israel!



🌟 Unveil the Truth About Jesus! 🌟

Filmed in the Heart of Israel: The DVD takes you on a breathtaking journey across the landscapes of Israel, where each of the 30 episodes is filmed, authentically breathing life into the Biblical narrative.

Experience the Gospel Like Never Before: Immerse yourself in the teachings, miracles, and profound moments of Jesus. Witness the Gospel of John come alive against the backdrop of ancient Israel. Feel the resonance of each scene, as the timeless message of Christ unfolds before your eyes.

Fuel Discussions in Your Bible Study Groups: Ignite conversations that resonate with meaning and insight! The unique style of narration is carefully designed to spark discussions in your Bible study groups. Engage in shared exploration of the Gospel’s profound truths and open doors to new perspectives.

30 Episodes of Revelation: With 30 masterfully produced episodes, you’ll witness the transformative journey of Jesus in a way that touches your heart and enriches your understanding.



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